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Hologram Monkey are specialist in everything Hologram, which includes Hologram Advertising, Hologram Display Boxes & Other Hologram Technology.

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About Us

Midnight Monkey was initially established as a Niche development agency and has positioned itself as a market trendsetter. With our meteoric rise in success, we have always prided ourselves on being an end-to-end Digital Marketing Partner for a wide array of businesses across South Africa. We assist our clients and stakeholders by empowering their brand and exposure within the South African digital domain and, to consistently achieve this end, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve and  expand our service offerings. This ensures we keep your business ahead of market trends. With the rise in popularity and demand, we are proud to introduce our new Hologram Monkey Division. This division focuses on all things Hologram. Our digital holographic team has been assembled by selecting SME’s in each respective field in order to give our clients the competitive edge they require.


A large array of media formats are used to capture and entice consumers to learn more about your brand and to eventually lead to a purchase decision.  What better way than through an interactive 3D Hologram? This state-of-the-art technology is the next big digital leap and companies across the globe are starting to integrate it into their marketing campaigns. Hologram advertising achieves numerous advertising and marketing goals and is an excellent tool.

Your company can take advantage of this. Our offices are local and we guide you whilst ensuring customer service excellence leads the way.


Special Events

Goodbye Boring Print and Hello ubiquitous, laser-generated, images that jump out directly at every angle! A special event needs every little pizzazz it can get and this is EXACTLY what hologram brings! So, get ready to add that finishing touch and blow everyone away!

Educational events

Is there any better way to keep your audience engaged and attentive than by placing a high-tech, visually stimulating, video that entrances and echoes what you are teaching? Because we don’t.

Trade EXPO’s

With feet count zooming past your stand, how will you be able to capture and convert feet-count into leads? We are able to provide medium size displays for your exhibition stand

Corporate SETTINGS

Why live in one dimension when you can shift to a 360-degree viewing angle for your brand? Excellent setting from that boardroom, or presentation that needs to stand out. Or WOW visitors and customers at your reception desk.

Financial Institutions

For financial institutions that service large corporates to investment firms to SME funding initiatives, hologram advertising showcases your corporate identity and service offerings in a way that normal advertising just simply cannot. Make the right impression with your clientele from the moment they step into your office.

Retail Environments

Our High-tech displays generate and grab attention that resonates with today’s savvy clients who are increasingly only being attracted beyond the reach of classic advertising. A Great display addition to enthral passers-bys

High Value Stores

High value and prestigious items are often failed through normal advertising and marketing methods. By utilising this cutting-edge technology, Hologram advertising is sure to create a lasting, front-of-mind, impression of your product and brand.


Need to showcase that new model in a unique way? Hologram advertising does exactly that! By adding this powerful ingredient to the art of alluring customers through your front door, you can keep your outstanding products, standing out!

Nothing explains it better then seeing it live in action in real world applications, experience this technology for yourself


Avoid disappointment, book your own Hologram display box for your special event 

Why Hologram advertising?

We are delighted you ask. Where would any company be without advertising? And with the improvements in technology , it is only natural that developments and advancements in advertising should continue. The question then remains what is the latest technological improvements and how can they be utilised and benefit my company?

Hologram advertising is the 3D representation of your brand or product. We create and display a floating projection of whatever you want, which is displayed in free-air. By converting 2D images to a 3D simulation, without the need of 3D glasses, you can capture and engage customers and clients like never before.

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